Fine Art Lamps 893350 2 Delphi 7 inch LED 1 Light Wall Sconce in Gold $1039.50 When we began working on the Delphi line, I wanted to arrive at design that felt clean, timeless and true. The line is inspired by the myths and legends of the ancient Oracle of Delphi, and each piece needed to have an almost mystical quality, glowing from an almost primitively classical basin silhouette made of hand formed glass set within a silhouette whose form above all emphasizes purity. There is something deeply peaceful and reassuring to me about the concept of knowledge, and while these fixtures dont necessarily reveal truths, we hope that the light they shed can, metaphorically speaking, help to bring the light of truth into our lives. At the very least, these fixtures are meant to bring a contemplative serenity and clarity to our world. Alex Woogmaster 1 Light Wall Sconce in Gold

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